Stitching 110gsm or 115gsm #PrintProTip: Get More Bulk for Your Buck

Cameron Print Pro Tip

For stitched-spine products, using 130-150 GSM paper can be more cost effective than 110-115 GSM. Inprint BDM Greg Cook explains how you can get more paper bulk for your print buck in this #PrintProTip.

Price comparison:

What is GSM?
GSM means grams per square metre, so the heavier the paper, the higher the GSM. Photocopier paper is generally around 80gsm. Higher GSM stock tends to be less transparent, and is more tactile. Heavier GSM stock is generally more expensive than lighter stock.

How can a higher GSM paper be more cost effective?
Because higher GSM stock does not need to folded before the stitching process. This means you get a product with more bulk and more ‘pop’, and then save on the cost of an additional process.

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