Company Profile

Inprint’s iconic strawberry is taken from Herbarius Latinus Moguntia, a literary work first printed in 1484 by Peter Schöffer.  Chosen to represent the company when it was formed in 1972, its fine detail and eccentricities depicted Inprint’s ambitions to strive for excellence in print.

Today, Inprint is proud to be a strategic asset for IPMG, providing the group with state-of-the-art capabilities out of Brisbane. Inprint’s other print partners in IPMG include:

  • Hannanprint (Melbourne, Sydney)
  • Offset Alpine Printing (Sydney)
  • Bolton Print (Cairns)

Inprint’s Brisbane operation can also provide your creative services and packing, as it is home to PEP Central, which is a provider in creative design services, as well as digital and large format printing. Our other partner is Inpack, which provides a variety of commercial packing solutions.

Keeping our client’s needs a priority, we have these additional services on site so we can provide seamless product delivery to all our clients.

As Inprint is connected to the wider IPMG network, we can also provide assistance in creative engagement and production agencies; hosting and managed services; public relations and communications, as well as digital media. Together, IPMG is the largest privately owned group of marketing communications companies in the southern hemisphere.

Since their humble beginnings in 1972, Inprint and its strawberry have transformed. However, Inprint’s determination to strive for excellence in customer service and print remains constant. Inprint continues to challenge itself and our clients for quality results: Expect More From Your Printer.